Patented CPQcart

Configure Price Quote-CPQ has been marketed to the Fortune 500 for years and CPQ software companies have been bought out for 9 & 10 Figures.

•Google US Search & find ‘About 1,170,000,000 results’ websites that have:
•“Free Estimate” or
•“Free Quote” or
•"Call For Quote“ or
•"Request a Quote“ excluding Insurance & cars.
•Google Any Region Search ‘About 2,660,000,000 results’ (as of 1-5-21)

That are still playing phone tag and waisting hours collection option answer.

Now that has changed and a Patented Service allow these site to get instant Quotes with are Return-On-Investment-ROI of 4-1000 with CPQcart.

The Service industry needs answers to multiple Option before a Quote can be generated.

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